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Notice the Sunrise

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Have you ever noticed how the sun rises? A thin line of light separates the darkness above from the darkness below, it comes like a yawn, stretching in the morning. It comes slowly, a large ball on the red horizon and slowly, it starts to focus and to pierce with its intensity. It does not rush, its pace is steady, its coming is inevitable. It eases us into the day. It allows us time to get use to it. It doesn't blind us with light.

Imagine leaving a dark room to walk in to the Mediterranean sunlight. You would raise your hand to protect your eyes from the very thing that allows sight. Our evangelism can be like that. We may blind people with the amount of light we give them. We may shine the light too deeply or too quickly. We must find ways to be like the sure and steady light that arises. There is no question but the light shines and the darkness must either turn away or be lightened up.

The physical creation is a metaphor made by God. Is this the way He intended all light to come? Does the way I spread the light reflect this? And is this the reason I instinctively draw back when suddenly confronted with aggressive gospel activity that thrusts light into my open eye and cause it to shut tightly.

God is hotter than the sun. He is a consuming fire. His glory is the sum of his attributes and I am in real danger of going blind unless I am covered, shielded by the presence of Christ. Jesus the Christ came into the world gradually, He graced a mother’s womb, He learned obedience. I suppose He could have come in flame and fire, He could have made the whole world bow and see Him but that was not His way. At least not yet.

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