The Meaning of CityGate

  • In the Old Testament, the CityGate was a place for meeting and discussion. We talk a lot but we talk about real issues, understanding and discerning the times in which we live.
  • It is the place of submission. Francis Schaeffer used to say that when we come to Christ we must bow three times. We bow in acknowledging that we are created and finite and that God is uncreated and infinite. We bow because God is the source of knowledge and there is much that we do not know, that we are dependent on him for knowledge. We bow because we are moral rebels and God is perfectly good. The gateway into the kingdom is opened to us through the finished work of Christ. “I am the door”, he says.
  • It helps us visualize the reign of Christ over all his creation. This is the future hope of all His followers and sometimes a present reality as we grow in grace and willing submission. It is not merely for individuals but it is for the community of his people. This involves agreement about what is right and wrong.
  • Too many of his followers stay in the gate and do not move into the City; repeating our story about the forgiveness of sin we forget that the writer to the Hebrews called this “laying again a foundation from dead works” but he also says “Solid food is for the mature, for those whose faculties have been trained by practice to distinguish good from evil”.